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I landed my first professional writing job through Contena. I went from having just a few samples and no paid experience to writing a minimum of 12 articles a month for a website with over 3.2 million subscribers! Special thanks to my writing coach Amanda!

Kenzie B. Illinois, United States

In two weeks of using Contena, I've already started getting paid for my writing. Before this, I had no experience with freelance writing, whatsoever. I feel great working from home and know that I'll soon be able to quit my part-time job in retail, and start full-time freelance writing!

Jillian California, United States

The resources at Contena are a gold mine! I've managed to find several great listings on Contena that suit my skills and pay well. I'm constantly learning from the Academy, and I feel incredibly focused because of the straightforward training. I've decided to build and launch a website for my writing services, and I already have clients lining up.

Cate G. Chattanooga, Tennessee

My husband and I have been desperate for a way to make a few extra dollars and pay off our college loans. I knew I was a good writer, but I had kind of given up hope of ever using this skill to help us financially! Then I found Contena! Within two weeks of starting, I had my first job. The coaching & website is super easy to navigate. We are hopeful again about paying our debt, but most importantly, I'm happier because I'm writing again!

Mary F. Minnesota, United States

I have been a member of Contena for less than 2 months and I have already landed my first writing contract! I have also had 3 submissions accepted. I have even been able to quit my part-time job.

Adrienne W. Oklahoma, United States

I’ve always wanted to be a professional writer - to be published and earn at least a part of my income from writing - but it remained a distant daydream until I signed up with Contena.

Today, I got paid for my first freelance job, and I’m not even finished with Contena academy! I decided to put my pitch to work right after completing Module 5. Not only did I get paid, but I had a lot of fun doing the work, and I added to my published portfolio.

Contena gave me the confidence and tools to turn my dream into something real for me, today. I couldn’t recommend it more!

Kevin W. New York, United States

My Contena Coach has been amazing. I've managed to quit my job and become a full-time freelance writer in less than 6 months. Thank you Contena for helping me achieve this dream :)

Rosie G. Kent, England