Profile- Jane Elizabeth Firth writes remotely from her narrow boat on the beautiful Lancaster canal. She is a content writer for magazines, web & blogs.

'Are Slugs Really Smart?' - blog published and chosen by Contena-Publish Front Page, Halloween- Oct 2020.

October 18, 2020
taking a picture of hanging lights
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Content Writing- WordPress and Contena-Publish

I created my own writer web page and blog, powered by WordPress; The Porthole Peeper- a monthly blog post of my canal boat adventures. 

I have published content on Contena-Publish, Medium, and LinkedIn Pulse and manage posts on social media- Pin interest, Twitter, Instagram and Minds, using social media calendar-



Creative Writing Skills

Writing with Flair: How to Become an
Exceptional Writer by Shani Raja.
Course completed on May 13, 2020 • 5 hours 8 min-Editor, Writer, Trainer, and was Senior Editor for Wall Street Journal. Journalist-Shani Raja is a deeply experienced editor and writing trainer.

Editing Skills

Proficient in use of Pro-Writing Aid-editing software.

Editing Mastery: How to Edit Writing to
Course completed on Jun 4, 2020 • 4 hours 41 min-Editor, Writer, Trainer, Journalist-Shani Raja.

Software & Media

Scrivener, WordPress, Yoast SEO, Pro-Writing Aid, Contena, MS Word, Publisher,  PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere-video editing, Classin, Social media. I have worked with smart-boards in educational settings.

Published content, web site design & blog.

2011 B.A Teaching Support & QTS-Primary, Special Teaching Support 5 Years, Primary NQT & Supply Cover across many schools-at least 3 Years.

2001 B.A Hons. Fine Art-Time based Media-2:1.   

Here I am on my live aboard narrow boat-Lancaster Canal. 

Me now and my interests  2018 – Present

Categorically not a Primary school teacher any-more! I now live and travel, along with my husband, on a fifty- foot narrow boat- a beautiful location for my remote writing! This is the inspiration for publishing 'The Porthole Peeper'. Peeping Tom's paradise, it isn't! But a monthly, narrative, lifestyle blog! Go to and join me!

Photo on Unsplash - used at

Reading from a wide range of publications- Medium, The Sun Magazine, Minds, Chicken Soup for the Soul...on current affairs, news and lifestyle...I like to stay up to date on stories, news and creativity; I am interested and aware of the world.

Recent published work on Medium, Publish- Contena, Linked-in and Wordpress. I often post to Instagram, Twitter, Minds and Pin-interest too. I have written about lifestyle, food & nutrition, nature & current affairs, with good humour- I enjoy a little dark humour.

Photo by 7shifts on Unsplash

I continuously improve by learning about effective content writing and SEO techniques learned through Yoast for Wordpress. I often enjoy joining in valuable training events with authors and successful freelancers on Auto Crit, ProWritingAid and The Write Life. Other interests include illustration, and I am a weekly member of my local Art Club.

I teach English to wonderful Chinese children remotely- I don't speak Chinese! With weird and wacky friends from around the world, I frequently enjoy Indian, Mexican, and Chinese food. I am an avid supporter of drinking raw milk and like cooking healthy food- much needed to help digest all the chillies!

One of my 'Best Experiences!'- travelling across Europe for a month in a V.W. Camper when I was ten years old. I wish I’d had a grown-up camera!

I hope to explore travelling far and wide again…

I love writing about-

Lifestyle, Travel, Education, Food and Health, Culture, Art and Design, Film and Time Based-Media, History and Current Affairs- I enjoy the freedom to explore.

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