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Calum Blundell

I am a 26 year old English teacher who is constantly chasing new and intriguing experiences through traveling and working with different cultures around the globe. I believe all experiences whether good or bad give you a clear understanding of the world and who you are within it. Being able to find value in all situations with all kinds of people is something to be desired and strived for by all. In today’s modern age where we’re all trying to keep up with the exponential changes and pressures of life, I find there can be secrets and subtleties in faraway expanses that can help us all learn how to deal with the superficial anxieties and realize the fundamental and simplistic nature of our being.

Embracing other people and their ways of life is not only exciting, educational and enjoyable, it is also invaluable. The contrasting feelings a person will have when being isolated and thrown into the unknown will provide different outcomes for most, but the sense of being in awe will almost certainly be apparent at some stage along the way. I believe this is the sentiment most of us are chasing and trying to fulfill throughout our lives as we run ahead into the undetermined future. 

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