Those Skills You Thought Were Useless in College? Think Again

July 7, 2020
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Photo Credit: Max Duzij | Unsplash

If you've found it necessary to search for a new job because of the pandemic, have gotten sick of what you're doing, or want to add some skills to your resume, you might have a treasure trove sitting in your memory. We probably all learned some new skills through recent college experience that we maybe haven't used yet. 

Either use it or lose it, as the saying goes. If you have some technical skills you've learned but haven't had a chance to use, there's no time like the present. The following programs are not only useful but might give you a competitive edge.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is something that anyone in the writing or office work world likely uses a lot. The skills that you can acquire using MS Office go well beyond word processing, even though that is possibly what the software suite is best known for. 

Two other skills that translate well to jobs you can also get from using Microsoft Office include creating spreadsheets (using Excel) and presentations (PowerPoint). Knowing how to use spreadsheets helps with everything from managing inventory to accounting functions. An understanding of PowerPoint helps people in the workforce ace presentations required for business proposals.

Windows MovieMaker

Discovering that becoming an amateur filmmaker was easy may have been one of the most startling surprises you encountered in college. Some professors require presentations to be given in video format. This task may be easier than you thought, and the best thing is that the tools you need are right on your Windows-compatible PC.  

You can start with a collection of photos with added transition effects, or some video that you have shot. Add music or voiceovers, and you'll have a creation with a professional feel. Having these skills can benefit you in a variety of positions from marketing or graphic design firms to non-profit organizations.


If you never heard of a Prezi before you had to create one for a college class, you're not alone.  Although quite different from PowerPoint and similar apps, this web-based tool helps you create presentations that are particularly ye-catching. Prezi is canvas-based, rather than slide-based, so you can zoom in and out of each section effortlessly.

Because this program is browser-based, there are fewer compatibility issues to have to worry about between different computer OS and mobile systems. If you're trying to create content that goes into greater depth, a Prezi is the best way to go.


Screencast-O-Matic helps you feed your inner broadcaster or videographer by offering a tool that helps you do both casts of content that appears on your screen and videos. Being able to add your own narration to your screencasts helps you be a total professional.

Using helpful tools to add captions and visual effects helps your videos look professional. One of the best things about this screencasting and videography tool is how easy it is to share your creations.

The next time you think about your college skills as being useless, give them another look. You might have the tools at your disposal to get a dream job.