Taylor Jensen

Hello! My name is Taylor Jensen. For almost as long as I can remember I have had a passion for writing. I am so excited to finally be able to share that passion and add my voice to the world. I am a mom of four children and a wife to my high school sweetheart. Naturally both of these roles have provided me with multiple experiences, opinions, and stories to share. My home is not only full of noise but also life lessons and possibilities for self growth. 

With that I will say that my best writing genres are fiction, poetry, children and family content, drama, and self help (mental health, physical health and well being, advice, etc). I love projects that provide space for creativity especially when I am provided the opportunity of collaborating your ideas with my work to create flowing content. 

Looking forward to working with you! 

Finding My Voice

Let me start by saying hello. And it might be a bit unorthodox to tell you this... but this post makes me nervous. I have written poetry, song lyrics, short stories and books but nothing that has ever been for public consumption. Never with the hope of being critiqued so that I can improve, and never with the possibility of making a career with the written word. You might ask, “If you like writing so much why have you never pursued it?” I’ll tell you why.

I have spent my life swimming in the mainstream, flying under the radar, and simply trying to be invisible. As if that wasn’t enough, the best way I found to use my voice was to write. I  wrote constantly but could not bring myself to show my work. By keeping my work to myself I was not only blending in, but had officially silenced my voice. I guess we can call it a survival skill.

Eventually I was married at 19, had my first child at 20 and continued to put my voice on paper and put it away in a drawer or a folder. I cannot tell you an exact moment that it happened or a even a day that it began to change; I just know that I started to realize that I needed to share more of my voice, my light, with those closest to me. I needed to begin to express my truths, my thoughts, myself. 

Anyway, fast forwarding a few years, I am now a Stay-at-home mom of  five (yes you read that right) beautiful children. I am so exhausted with being invisible, so tired of dimming my light and keeping to myself while worrying about what other people think. I am ready to not only share myself and my voice with the world, but to receive positive and, most importantly, negative feedback so that I can finally grow into the writer that I long to be. 

It has indeed been a quiet journey that has forced me to turn up the volume in small increments, and now here I am. Ready to extend my hidden gift to any who can find need of it. I am finally at peace with my calling, with my voice. This is me. 

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Published on June 2, 2020
Putting All the Colors In the Box

With everything happening in the world I just wanted to take a second to express my viewpoint. I have heard it all from not supporting certain victims because they are criminals to buildings being burned and even more lives being lost. I personally do not believe that anyone deserves to lose their life no matter what they have done. I also do not believe that riots are the answer. Why? Let’s get into it. 

Racism goes back centuries and I believe it will be around for centuries more. I do not like it, I do not condone it, but it is a terrible weed that has spread through this garden we call earth. Unless we were to execute every racist that we meet it will take a long time and a lot of effort to eliminate racism. However if we were to do that our morals would no longer be in tact, violence would rise and no family would be safe. We would have allowed ourselves to sink to the level of people that are infected with bigotry.

What we must realize instead is that humanity is all that we have left. If we display less then our best selves then what have we got? It is time more then ever for those with hearts full of love; to join hands across every nation, to support and uplift our brothers and sisters of every creed, color, religion, and sexual orientation. It is time to create a larger army of warmth, kindness, integrity, and acceptance. 

I have heard a response that states “All lives matter.” I cannot agree with you more, however, it is in my opinion that a statement could be made that “All lives  SHOULD matter.” Right now is about those that have been so traumatized by racism and exclusion in this world that they don’t feel counted among society. Every life matters and currently we have multiple minorities, more specifically the African American community, who believe that their life does not matter to the world around them. That is unacceptable to allow people to have this view of themselves, I mean, come on, it is 2020 after all. 

The last point that I want to say  is that criminal, Officer of the law, it really does not matter. What matters is what the actions of both is under a moment of stress or trauma. No one deserves to be murdered, no one deserves to be treated inhumanly, and no one deserves to be fearful of never seeing their family again. 

We are all just colors shoved together in a box. We need to work together to stay strong, and stay united or all of us will surely break. As for me I’ll support those on the side of love and acceptance because who else is going to if we don’t?

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Published on June 8, 2020
Elephant Hotel

Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort is a magical experience located in the jungles of Thailand and looks out onto both the Mekong and Ruak rivers. A sanctuary for elephants and a vacation for humans can be had on this land that spans across 160 acres and the adventure begins with arrival at the front gate. 

Here you can arrange be greeted by a few of our large and tusked friends. You can either ride them or walk with them all the way into the lobby of the hotel. Once you have been checked into one of the lavish suits there are plenty of simple activities to get involved in. The list includes but is not limited to, dining in one of the four restaurants found at the resort, enjoying the infinity edge swimming pool, Thai boxing classes, tree planting, or relaxing your cares away in the spa. Once you have settled in it’s time for the real fun. Spending time with the elephants! 

Being able to interact with these magnificent giants in their own habitat while learning about their behavior is a miraculous experience. Sign up for nature walks (one of which ends in a yoga session), and a chance to see the elephants play in mud and splash in rivers, and have a picnic with your knew found giant friends. Just to add to the excitement they also give you time to play with the babies and experience their spunky personalities. For a final step to fully immerse yourself into the experience, you may also rent a bubble. These bubbles are strong glass domes that are set up as a suit for guests enabling them to sleep outside with the elephants and fully enjoy their company while maintains a safe boundary. 

Going deeper into the experience still, there are opportunities to to attend an ELE Elephant Learning Experince and get face to face with some of the younger rescue elephants on site. These sessions are another way to earn funds that go towards the care of these beautiful animals. Thankfully there is another way to support this noble cause even if you do not see a trip in your near future. You can Sponsor an elephant without even visiting the resort. Simply follow the link below to the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort website where you can sign up as a sponsor.

Anantara also works alongside the Thai government on multiple projects geared towards the elephants. One of the larger projects being to aid in the equipping of the first elephant hospital. They have even created a unique ambulance to transport any elephants have been injured. They are even involved in a research project based around the impact of elephant interactions on children with Autism. 

If you are impressed so far just wait, there’s more! The Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort is on a mission to restore culture, knowledge, and safety not only to elephants but their mahouts (keepers/trainers) and their families. The camp rescues elephants that are lost in cities, hurt, or in living in some other way that is not safe or suitable. When these glorious beasts are brought to the camp it is by the mahout and his entire family. In turn true whole family receives lessons in english and the children are provided with an education. There is also a silkworm business that allows the wives to create items  from the silk collected and make 100% profit off of anything sold in the gift shop. 

In short, this is sure to be a getaway loaded with unforgettable and possibly life changing experiences. How could it possibly get any better then a resort with beautiful scenery, posh and comfortable sleeping quarters, plenty of pampering, endless activities, and unique interactions? To put in simply, I can’t. 

If you would like more information on elephant conservation follow the link below:

If you would like more information on the resort itself or to book your future visit click the link below:

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Published on June 26, 2020
A Walk Through Love

The Tunnel of Love, also known as number 402 on my bucket list, is a rare tunnel in Klevan, Ukraine. What makes this place so magical is simply that it is a train tunnel that is made of a dense growth of trees. The breathtaking image that this creates, along with it’s romantic name, has drawn tourists from all over the world. Which makes it very convenient that the track is only in use for the plywood company at the end of the tracks which means that with caution it is safe to stand on and perfect for memorabilia photos. What is even more interesting is the history of such a monumental place.

The Railway was constructed during the Cold War to transport supplies to the Odek Plywood factory which turned out to be the perfect cover. Unbeknownst to the Russian army, more trees had been planted and a fork in the railway had been added. The fork lead to a hidden Ukrainian military base and thanks to the newly planted trees covering the track people and supplies could travel inconspicuously to the base. 

Today you can still visit the tunnel of love and enjoy just how groomed it seems to be thanks to the supply train for the plywood company still travelling on its tracks and grazing the branches on its way by. Many tourists and locals continue to flock to this area for photoshoots, proposals, and site seeing. It truly is a beautiful and incredible place and looks beautiful in all seasons.

In the summer the lush greenery is eye catching and and luminous with the sun glinting through the leaves. The autumn creates a full display of colourful leaves drifting  to the ground and settling in a pallet of orange, yellow, and brown. Winter’s snow blankets the whole landscape in  a cool coziness. It’s no wonder a space like this, with such important history, bold beauty, and a romantic name has captured so many eyes and hearts in this vast world, especially those living close by it. 

The locals have not forgotten this great piece of history and are incredibly proud of it. The Tunnel of Love was actually named by the people living in Klevan and they continue to try and protect this space. In 2013 a few trees had been cut down and cleared away to allow the trains easier passage and the community voiced their very dissatisfied opinions and not a single tree has been cut down since. Unfortunately the voice of the people is the only protection that this unique passageway has as there are no official laws to aid in it’s conservation.

As incredible as it was nearly one hundred years ago I believe that the history and the modern growth makes this a must see on  anyone’s travels. Go. See it. Experience where nature, history, and humanity meet. 

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Published on June 26, 2020
Top 5 San Francisco Attractions

San Francisco, a high traffic tourist destination that is full of life and colour with many unique sites and activities. It’s truly no wonder that multiple people from many walks of life end up in this city. 

So let’s dive in! 

#5 Golden Gate Park

Here is where you will find acres of green space loaded with trees and several themed gardens; Queen Wilhelmina Garden, a Dutch themed space sporting a windmill surrounded by tulips and a few Iceland poppies, the Japanese Tea Garden which has many traditional Japanese structures and plants, and the Shakespeare Garden which only has flowers that are mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays, just to name a few. There is also a Flower Conservatory that holds rare and beautiful flowers. 

As if all this beauty wasn’t enough the park also offers bike and segway rentals and tours. To top of the whole set up there a space in the park for multiple recreational activities such as archery fields, tennis courts, skateboarding parks, running paths, a golf course and more! One definitely cannot go wrong by adding this stop on their list.

 Visit this link to get more info

#4 China Town

You may have seen or at least heard of a few Chinatowns in multiple cities all over the world but you will have never seen one as large or well known as the one in San Francisco. In fact this one in particular spans an area of 24 large city blocks. Built in 1848, it has had plenty of time to build it’s community which is comprised of not only tourist type shops but also has two hospitals, multiple churches and places of worship and even has it’s own post office. It’s definitely on the list of must sees as the amount of language and cultural retention is so prevalent that it really feels though one is actually in a foreign land. 

There are some key sights to take in as well. The first thing is the Dragon Gate which actually serves as a marker for the main entrance into China town.  Need to shop? Try the herbal stores and participate in tea tastings to finding your favourites. Shop fresh produce on Stockton Street and gift shops on Grant Avenue. You can find cheap or reasonably priced items but also high end items here as well. 

Feeling more historic? Visit the Old St. Mary’s Church that was one of the only buildings to survive a fire in 1906, or Portsmouth Square (one of many squares in the community) which was where the original San Francisco homes were built. You could also pay a visit to The Chinese historical society, a museum and cultural centre that is dedicated to the history of the the Chinese people and community in San Francisco. There is so much to see and do that the list is endless. 

#3 Speak Easy

The roaring 20s. Who wouldn’t want to go back to that time to enjoy some classic Jazz music, wear a flapper dress or pinstriped suit, while partying in an over the top fashion? Now you can! The Speakeasy is a an immersive theatre adventure that you are not likely to forget. The club goes above and beyond with the roaring yet mysterious themes via their set. Not only do they have amazing handcrafted cocktails, but hidden rooms and secret passageways to really boost the party experience. 

What really helps this experience stand apart from other immersive theatres is that there are typically several plot lines happening at once and you can follow whichever ones you choose and are free to roam as you’d like. There are even rooms wherein guests can take a break from the evening should you feel the need. In short, throw back an Old Fashioned and get thrown back into the roaring 20s at The Speakeasy! If you are interested in learning more about this fantastic club visit their website by clicking the link below:

#2 The Golden Gate Bridge

Now it may seem cliche to visit this 1.7 mile long bridge, at least before you actually see it. It is actually a magnificent experience standing on the shoreline and gazing up at it and seeing the intense structural engineering that had to take place to create one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks.

 When you are through gazing at it’s magnificence and have caught a few snapshots feel free to take the adventure across the bridge either by car, walking, or riding a bike. It’s a great way to kill some time or just clear your head as the average drive is around 30-40 minutes, but oh the sites you’ll see! Don’t forget that when you reach the other side you can visit Sausalito, a quaint city whose foundation was built on WWII as it was home to Fort Barry and a shipyard known as the Marinship. This history alone is well worth crossing the bridge for.

#1 Alcatraz Prison 

Typically the last place you want to end up is prison but I feel everyone should reconsider when given an opportunity to take the ferry ride to Alcatraz. The prison itself was shut down in March 1963 due to the prison being too expensive to operate, the fact that three prisoners had escaped and were never retrieved didn’t help matters.

 In this building lies a dark yet interesting part of American history and you cannot go wrong by taking this tour. For extra entertainment other packages are available. Either get a tour also of  Angel Island or take the behind the scenes tour and explore all the hidden history and hidden infrastructure of Alcatraz itself.  If one finds themselves more keen to add extra spook to their activities a nighttime tour is also available. No matter which way you decide to explore this landmark it is sure to be unforgettable and eye opening.  


To book your tour or just to learn more about this attraction follow the link:

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Published on July 13, 2020