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Edward Rossington

So, I have always wanted to become a professional writer, I do love to express myself and I can say that I don't hold back when it comes to honesty.

I'm a teacher of the English language but I've always been passionate about travel, music, art, food, sports, and other languages. Right now I'm on a personal adventure around the world and this is the first opportunity I've given myself to write about it.

I've worked in marketing, sales, music, and gardening. Currently, I'm in education, and I'm extremely excited to learn there is an opportunity to make a living doing something I love. I do a lot of self-promotion for my teaching business through social media and also have a passion for songwriting, those are two things I really enjoy and I always wondered if I could make a career from it.

I am bilingual, I've always had a passion for cultures and languages, I'm fluent Spanish speaking for example, and I took up Polish and the Bisayan simply from passion and friendships (also my fiance is a Filipina) and I would like to have 5 languages to add to my curriculum.

My silly interest is comedy, I have always found a way to use honesty and reality to make people laugh.

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