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Shambhavi Mishra

My name is Shambhavi Mishra, an Engineer in Electronics and communication discipline. From very beginning, I was fond of reading. When children of my age spent money on candies, I saved every penny for monthly edition of my favourite comic book- Champak. That is my oldest memory of saving money to buy books. Later, I grew up to be an individual who every librarian would remember. I had a thing for writing but I belong to a normal middle class Indian family who wouldn't let me form a career in writing and back then, I wasn't fearless enough to ask them to. But today is a different day. I have courage to pursue this dream now until one day I can turn my dreams into reality. I am eager to learn and most of all, I want to be everything I dreamed to be.
Ping me. I am sure I can make things work very well. 
Thank you for your time. It means a lot to me.
This is me, Shambhavi Mishra, signing off. 

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