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Karen Langtved

I have been a Registered Veterinary Technologist for 40 years, and a Library Technician for over 20 years. My desire to write has always been present, but I haven't been able to hone my craft up until now. I am excited to have the support of my new Viking (Danish) husband to transition into this phase with my passion for words and unique story ideas. Not surprisingly, my writing will include a lot of animal elements and experiences. 

Excerpt from the ABVMA Membership Magazine:
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Since starting my position at the AVMA March 25, 2008 working as the AAAHT Manager, I have had the opportunity to connect with many Veterinarians, Animal Health Technologists, and industry partners.

My career in veterinary medicine started at Fairview College when I graduated as an AHT in 1980. A highlight of the program was attending the first ever AHT conference in Edmonton in 1979 (we travelled by school bus!); I am looking forward to celebrating the 30th anniversary of the AAAHT conference next year, which will be held in Red Deer. After graduation from the program, I worked in a mixed practice in northern BC and then moved to Alberta in 1981 where I again found that mixed practice offered the opportunity to use a variety of skills that I had learned. After starting and raising a family, obtaining a Library and Information Management diploma, and with a Bachelor of Management degree in progress, I have returned to the animal world with a combination of veterinary, research and management skills. These skills and added experience working with boards and conferences will facilitate the administrative duties of the AAAHT Manager.

The decision to staff the AAAHT office full time was done as a commitment to provide quality, timely service to the membership. To ensure that mail-outs and communication are made available to everyone, all personal and employment contact information should be kept current with us.

Over the years, the veterinary field has made huge advances in all areas making the field an exciting choice for those who are passionate about animals. There is enormous demand for professionals in this industry that continues to grow. Career options are great and varied as wages and benefits continue to increase. The AAAHT website at www.aaaht.com is a valuable resource to stay up to date with news, veterinary and industry liaisons, continuing education opportunities, conferences, and career and classified ads. Our newsletter Is another avenue of communication to keep you informed of the work of the Board of Directors and the Association's progress. We appreciate any and all feed-back and suggestions that you may have, and welcome your emails and phone calls.

Until next issue, enjoy your spring! Karen Visser

AAAHT Manager

Published May 6, 2020