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Bella marie aka sunshine

My life has been filled with expierences one usually only gets to read in story books. I am a hard worker, and have been bread to work for what I desire in life. I have grown to realize how amazing humans really are. While being so greatful to be one of them. Life's middle name is curve balls, yet through out all my batting practice, I have attended. I realize there will always be the calm after the storm, it doesnt matter how trecherous life gets, there is always beauty to see, and wisdom to gain. Bringing as much dissaplin to remaining in your now as much as possible. I have always been called a old soul, which I agree with.. cause let's face it , weather its experiencing the terror of being kidnapped at 16 , or the joy of adopting a child at 24, or even the fear of being diagnosed with a rare disease with a short assumed life expectancy at the age of 30. my story's have taught me to relay my emotional connection to them all. Along with a precieved path to solutions that have helped form and shape who I am today

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