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It's Bilal Ali. I am from Pakistan. I opened my eyes to Dina city since 3rd February of 1995. Dina is a tehsil of Jhelum district which is apart of Punjab Province. Currently, I am studying in the 8th semester of Mechanical Engineering & Technology field and yeah by the grace of Almighty ALLAH SWT I'm near to my graduation. Like the interests of any person some hobbies also I have. I love to write blogs, articles, and content writing on any topic.

Ups and Down apart of Life
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    Life is like a journey. Exactly like when a person visited somewhere and see different things while travelling each and every spot presented something various look but while travel by any means we know that all spots vanish because we keep our movement continuously and don't stop because of just we prefer our priority instead of stuck somewhere which become as biggest barrier between our mental calm and goals.

So, if we apply this strategy to our lifestyle then we'll able to achieve our life goals and aims effectively. We should keep our mind thoughts calm as much we can. because as express my experience or mentioned above slot without using that strategy we can not achieve our happiness instead of frustration and low morality. We can get rid of from all unfavourable aspects which we make a belief about life that there is nothing permanent. As I add up more for elaboration in a brief way I should mention here about the negative and positive aspects of expectations which we do frequently. Because when we do expect something from someone its depends upon our thoughts that we think that relationship, an authority may remain permanent and this belief captures a strong belief of expectations which hurt to person most. When we faced some failure by someone special.

  • So, at the end,  I should just say that we should be moulding our self in that kind pattern of psychology which give us that the tool by which applying we spend our life as full our self-independence. Moreover, if we take our life as just like that scenario that the life which we spending is just like a journey to somewhere and keep our motto of move on from unfavourable and undesirable terms we can spend our life with full of happiness and joys because of just its plays major role behind our mental calmness and satisfaction. 
Published March 1, 2020