7 Easy Ways to Maintain a Vibrant Online Presence

November 12, 2019

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

You’ve watched over time people and businesses who seem to appear everywhere you visit on the Internet. You admire their breakthrough in online campaigns. You are wondering why your product is not doing that well.

You know what? Something is just not right!

Why? Your blog, website, and product are still yours. Few people have expressed interest in them. What’s worse, your address list is not doing any better. Zero to minimal growth is what you have observed.

Well, there is hope for your product. How? An effective online presence strategy.

There are over 4.1 billion internet users globally. This means potential growth for your business.

Where to Be Visible

Yes. Over 4.1 billion Internet users globally.

It’s important for you to be clear who your target audience is. This is where you want to be seen and heard. To be clear, this does not put a limit on your channels. Rather, it guides where to laser focus your energy, time or money. You don’t want all your work and effort to go down to waste because you did not have the right target.

So, how do you maintain a vibrant online presence?  

Maintaining a Vibrant presence

1. Consistency in Posts

What happens when you regularly speak to people? You have a chance of making new friends. They may even tell others about you. It’s the same with your online presence. 

If you are constantly engaging your audience with helpful posts, tips, or updates, you’ll build your name and numbers and remain relevant to them. On the flip side, if you rarely and unpredictably engage your prospects, then no matter how good your content is, at some point, somebody will replace you. Another person will get the audience’s attention you had toiled for a long time to attract. Not nice for your business!

2. Content Repurposing

Ever written a post that resonated so well with a huge number of your target audience? You could cut it into small bits and offer the same on different platforms. A series of the same post in tweets served on different days would be great. This way you’ll appeal to the audience that likes small bits of information at a time.

Summarizing the same post in a Youtube clip is another way of appealing to a different audience. The point is to serve the same content differently to reach a broader audience.

3. Offer Engagement platform

I’m sure you’ve read a great post and wanted to give your thought but couldn't. Some platforms leave no room for your comment. Giving your audience a chance to share their input lets them know that you value their opinion. This way you keep them coming back as they have an avenue to connect with you and voice their views. In your posts, it works for you to allow readers to ask questions and share their comments.

4. Offering Quality Actionable Content

When you’re out there looking for how to do something and you land some super-helpful tips, you're thankful for that. If your prospects or customers get that help from your content, they will bookmark your page to check back later. In your customer’s eye, you tick another box on the credibility chart.

For a vibrant online presence, valuable content is key. When you do it consistently, you win the battle! You’ve bagged the client’s loyalty.

5. Be Present on Social Media

You’ve probably heard this enough times. You need to tick your social media register daily on your audience’s regular platform. It’s like a way of saying, “Hey people am alive and here today.” Your customers will even be happy with a quick, helpful tip or quote in a tweet or post. That bridges the content “draught” for that day. And you know what? That’s better than nothing at all. My point? Be present daily on social media.

6. Relate as Human with Your Audience - Even when you automate

Humans have feelings and deal with real-life issues. They face daily life just like you. They have moments of joy, hurt, and emotions that you will relate with. Even when you deal with a company, you are dealing with people working for that company. Posting a post or a line that shows you are a real person talking to real people will only appeal to the audience you have in mind. Today, when the bots rule in many areas of our lives, it’s important to remain personable as much as possible.

7. Automate Your Posts

Yes, that’s right. Use tools to automate your posts. Why do you need to automate your content posting? To be frequent and cover more platforms with your posts. When you automate, you ensure that the content schedule is flawless. You also free up your time for quality interventions when needed. Tools work wonders but need constant monitoring. Current events and news can mean a change to your posts.

Wrapping it up

Your business will do with that extra customer and one way to keep getting customers is through a vibrant online presence. Keeping a sustained online presence is your sure way of continued inbound marketing for your business.