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Kent Nedland

The Adventure Begins
2 minute read
Week 1: The Journey begins
Dear Diary: It is official. Father, as an engagement gift has given me the permission to travel. This is to be my first week as an honorary member of the Billy Bob’s Shoe and Gun Emporium. I know what you are thinking diary. What a strange place for an adopted Kangara princess to be! But as much as I have loved to pretend, and as much as my parents and my brothers have humored me, I am not a Kangara. I am a human girl about to marry into a royal human family. This will be a huge benefit to my people. My marriage will move the Kangara people into the future! So, I have to do it. It is my duty as a princess to serve not only my people but the people of my husband.
But I have been raised by the Kangara as a Kangara. I don’t know what it is like to be human. Because of this father has agreed to let me travel with the company of humans that I know. For the past six years Peaches, the Shoe Emporium’s cobbler has built my special Kangara boots. Boots that often see a lot of wear and tear as I study under the royal swordsman in Kangara style kick fencing. During her visits I have met a few of the other members of her group. Tesla is a healer who sometimes helps take of the ill (including me once) Sweetie, their hunter has joined my brother on some of his expiditions. There is even a monk who is very dark and mysterious. They all seem like they are very nice people and were happy to let me join them!
I am very excited to travel and learn about humans, diary! I am nervous too. I don’t know how I will be able to help my new friends. I don’t really know anything about shoes. I have never went hunting before. So I am hoping my time serving with mother at the court will help in some way as I doubt they will have any use for my sword fighting ability. My brother says I am not really that good but I best him in our duals on most days (he says he lets me win because I am a human but don’t believe him diary!) I think we should promise to do our best!
In truth Diary I do have a secret. I want to find my birth parents. I want to know what I did as a baby that made them leave me! I know it seems silly. I have had an amazing life! I am about to go on an amazing adventure (I might get my first kiss ). But I still would like to know where I came from. I want to be able to look these people in the eyes and forgive them. They will never be my mom and dad. But I bet we can be friends! Okay diary the company is getting ready to leave so I better go. Wish me luck. I will talk to you again later once I have an exciting story to tell!
Published July 4, 2020
Toxic Fandom Needs to Stop
1 minute read
People who don’t like the new Star Trek show need to stop trolling every post they see on it. Everyone gets it. You like the Orville and not Discovery. Please share your enjoyment for that show on Orville page and kindly leave the people who enjoy Discovery in peace to talk about the show they enjoy.
Fandom has moved away from talking about what we love to talking about what we hate. It is very sad to see it time after time on so many pages. It is on every major site, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and more. It is like a greasy disgusting crap on the internet and it needs to stop. I want us to go back to talking about the things we enjoy as fans. The moments that shocked us, the amazing action sequences that put us on the edge of our seats, the amazing worlds that kick started our imagination, and those quirky moments that can bring us all back even years later.
We have become the bullies these shows helped us escape from. We are the ones tearing down the things we love and it needs to stop. If you don't like something it is okay. You are not a sexist, racist monster for not liking something. (Unless your reason for hating it is the color of the protagonist’s skin or their gender, this would make you a racist and or sexist monster). Let's stop before there is no more new science fiction for our children to enjoy. Let’s stop with all of the pointless hate and bickering. Instead of posting what we hate let's post about what we love. May the force be with all of you and of course live long and prosper.
Published July 4, 2020