In this Together - Kent Nedland
In this Together
July 4, 2020
Cannon fire echoes in my ears.
I am no officer,
Just a musketeer.
Blade to blade,
Trench to trench.
Wondering if I can survive what's next.
All alone,
I would have fallen long ago,
But with by my side
I cannot fathom how far we will go.
This world is always shaking,
Close to breaking,
Still sustaining.
A combat nurse,
Mad alchemist,
What role will lead to my final success?
By myself,
I could never succeed.
When you are here.
I know I can be exactly what we need.
There is a fog in my eyes,
Thick and blinding,
Hard to scribe.
Shots are coming fast,
There is no chance.
Enduring now my only option.
I may have crumbled.
But our next adventure looms.
I will not abandon either of you.