The Adventure Begins - Kent Nedland
The Adventure Begins
July 4, 2020
Week 1: The Journey begins
Dear Diary: It is official. Father, as an engagement gift has given me the permission to travel. This is to be my first week as an honorary member of the Billy Bob’s Shoe and Gun Emporium. I know what you are thinking diary. What a strange place for an adopted Kangara princess to be! But as much as I have loved to pretend, and as much as my parents and my brothers have humored me, I am not a Kangara. I am a human girl about to marry into a royal human family. This will be a huge benefit to my people. My marriage will move the Kangara people into the future! So, I have to do it. It is my duty as a princess to serve not only my people but the people of my husband.
But I have been raised by the Kangara as a Kangara. I don’t know what it is like to be human. Because of this father has agreed to let me travel with the company of humans that I know. For the past six years Peaches, the Shoe Emporium’s cobbler has built my special Kangara boots. Boots that often see a lot of wear and tear as I study under the royal swordsman in Kangara style kick fencing. During her visits I have met a few of the other members of her group. Tesla is a healer who sometimes helps take of the ill (including me once) Sweetie, their hunter has joined my brother on some of his expiditions. There is even a monk who is very dark and mysterious. They all seem like they are very nice people and were happy to let me join them!
I am very excited to travel and learn about humans, diary! I am nervous too. I don’t know how I will be able to help my new friends. I don’t really know anything about shoes. I have never went hunting before. So I am hoping my time serving with mother at the court will help in some way as I doubt they will have any use for my sword fighting ability. My brother says I am not really that good but I best him in our duals on most days (he says he lets me win because I am a human but don’t believe him diary!) I think we should promise to do our best!
In truth Diary I do have a secret. I want to find my birth parents. I want to know what I did as a baby that made them leave me! I know it seems silly. I have had an amazing life! I am about to go on an amazing adventure (I might get my first kiss ). But I still would like to know where I came from. I want to be able to look these people in the eyes and forgive them. They will never be my mom and dad. But I bet we can be friends! Okay diary the company is getting ready to leave so I better go. Wish me luck. I will talk to you again later once I have an exciting story to tell!