Toxic Fandom Needs to Stop - Kent Nedland
Toxic Fandom Needs to Stop
July 4, 2020
People who don’t like the new Star Trek show need to stop trolling every post they see on it. Everyone gets it. You like the Orville and not Discovery. Please share your enjoyment for that show on Orville page and kindly leave the people who enjoy Discovery in peace to talk about the show they enjoy.
Fandom has moved away from talking about what we love to talking about what we hate. It is very sad to see it time after time on so many pages. It is on every major site, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and more. It is like a greasy disgusting crap on the internet and it needs to stop. I want us to go back to talking about the things we enjoy as fans. The moments that shocked us, the amazing action sequences that put us on the edge of our seats, the amazing worlds that kick started our imagination, and those quirky moments that can bring us all back even years later.
We have become the bullies these shows helped us escape from. We are the ones tearing down the things we love and it needs to stop. If you don't like something it is okay. You are not a sexist, racist monster for not liking something. (Unless your reason for hating it is the color of the protagonist’s skin or their gender, this would make you a racist and or sexist monster). Let's stop before there is no more new science fiction for our children to enjoy. Let’s stop with all of the pointless hate and bickering. Instead of posting what we hate let's post about what we love. May the force be with all of you and of course live long and prosper.