3 Offbeat Ways To Conclude It’s Time For A New Fence

We all know the obvious reasons for investing in a new fence, but what about those tricky, underlying scenarios?

September 3, 2021
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Photo Credit: Beth Desrosiers | Unsplash

Whether the last storm to roll through sent that giant oak tree crashing down through your fence or the kids finally smashed enough baseballs right through it, you have found yourself in the market for an upgrade. While these might be more obvious reasons why you should be investing in a new fence, what are some of the other warning signs or more unorthodox situations that scream out it is time to take the leap?

Mismatched Fencing

You're enjoying a hot cup of coffee on your back deck on a brisk autumn morning. It's your favorite time of year. The leaves are a multitude of colors, and they come dancing off the trees with each passing of a calm, subtle breeze. You gaze over the landscape and suddenly notice it looks like four different people from four different eras patched your fence together in a style in which even Picasso himself might take offense. The serenity you felt seconds earlier has been stripped away as frustration quickly settles in its place. Perhaps it's time to send the patchwork packing and invest in that state-of-the-art, spectacular new fence that you will love and your neighbors will envy.

No Privacy Or Protection

Speaking of which, you love your neighbors; they are routinely gracious and considerate of others nearby. They work hard at keeping up appearances and their house is in stellar shape, therefore indirectly increasing the value of your own home. It's the epitome of the American Dream. The neighborhood is strong in a big, big way. What's the catch?  Their children have decided that your backyard is merely an extension of their backyard to be used in a variety of creatively aggravating ways. To make matters worse, their dog easily scales the measly four-foot fence you have now and lays land mines all over the place - seemingly for its own enjoyment. Something's got to give. With all this piling up and mentally weighing you down, it might be just the right occasion where that solid eight-foot fence you always dreamed about can and should become a reality.

Critter Infestations

We all have to eat, right? Unfortunately in this scenario, that includes the various critters and other microscopic pests who stake claim and wreak havoc on your backyard under the moonlight. So, while you were enjoying that Chinese takeout last night during a Netflix binge, your termite tenants feasted on your wood fence without giving it a second thought. Now it's rotten and degraded and most likely destined for the scrap yard. Perhaps a sturdy vinyl fence is the way to go for your upgrade - actually, it appears as though it’s rapidly becoming a necessity.

If any of this sounds like it may describe your current situation, you are not alone. Thousands of homeowners are suffering from some form of discontented fence syndrome. However, it does not need to be that way! The remedy is within your grasp and waiting to be utilized.  There’s never been a greater time for a call to action, so get out there and send all your fencing woes to the wayside.  It's time to fully enjoy your property and elevate it to the next level. Happy fencing!