The Resounding Yes: Trusting your Inner Knowing

October 4, 2020
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Sometimes the value of intuition can supersede any kind of expert advice.
That inner knowing that something is off can lead you to make unexpected decisions. But even though these decisions may be unexpected, unpopular, or even against recommendations, you STILL know they are the right ones for you.

When you reflect on your life, how many times has this occurred? Can you remember a situation that had a resounding ¨yes¨ belting from inside of you? 

How did that go? Or maybe another experience where you knew you had to turn that corner, follow that ambulance, and find your missing loved one? Or how about a time when you were faced with a career move that just didn´t sit right with could tell something was blocking your ability to say yes?

With the world spinning round with its do´s and don´ts and its listen to this or ignore can feel like you too are spinning around, trying to figure out what the real truth is. 

It can feel scary...or even terrifying to admit that you trust yourself more, and frankly, in the eyes of other people, you could be perceived as ignorant, uneducated, a fraud, or fill in the blank.

The thing is though, who has to live with the decisions that you make? You and the people you live with. That being the case, why does the rest of the world have a say?

It should also be acknowledged that it may be helpful to read personal testimonies or to seek out advice from others who were standing where you are today. It could have a powerful impact on your life and fire up your intuition even more. You may even want to thank them for sharing something that moved you or made you feel seen or helped you take a leap. These are lovely people and stories and we need more of them.

If you´re reading this and thinking ¨I don´t have an inner voice,¨ or ¨I have never felt what you´re describing,¨ feel free to take some time to dig into that if you wish.

Maybe start asking ¨how do I make my decisions?¨ ¨where have I gotten this advice from?¨ ¨what do I really think about this?¨

It could be the noise of the outside and the scattering voices of others that have impeded your direct access to your inner voice.

Or maybe you don´t think you´re qualified enough to make certain choices for yourself? Or maybe the fear of failing or making the wrong decision is standing in the way of you trusting yourself? Honestly, this could go on and on, but if you do decide to dig deeper into these questions, I would love to hear your experience with it!

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