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Hello there! I have been writing and in love with the art of writing since I was a teenager, almost two decades ago now. It all started with me naming myself as a poet, as a songwriter, and as a short essayist. I was the Editor-in-Chief of my high school's Fine Arts Magazine for two years, pulling together poetry, lyric, story, and visual arts from a diversity of students throughout the school to create a delectable deliverable of collaborative and creative artwork. 

As I left my adolescence and became a woman in her twenties expanding her career, my writing shifted. Throughout my undergraduate experience in college I was elected to the University Center Board of Directors as a student representative and wrote my heart out to ensure my fellow classmates were involved with campus politics, that they were voting for school-wide decisions, and that they knew of the resources available to them on campus.

As I entered my first career in Business Management, my writing shifted to tailor towards marketing content and honing in the skill of telling a brand's story. In this realm of business marketing, I have written blogs, drafted numerous websites and written the content material, written compelling surveys and marketing studies as well as verbiage for packaging of products and social media strategies. 

My second career, now out of graduate school, is that of Clinical Psychoanalyst, working with clients to detail, explore, express and understand some of their darkest and deepest realms of existence. In this regard, I work with clients to use story, writing, and exploration through journaling to not only heal, but to create.

For my own personal love of prose, I have released two albums with my band where I hold the position of singer and songwriter, weaving story through song and sharing my personal messages with the audience's ear.

I look forward to my continued adventure in writing, as I have fallen in love with the journey.

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