AEG and The Op Games Join Forces to Bring New Factions to Smash Up Next Year

November 13, 2019

The latter part of October saw #RampantSpeculation make its hashtag rounds among the Smashposting community—an excitable forum of players anxiously awaiting news of the latest expansion for the award-winning Smash Up drafting game by Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG).

Around this time every year, the team behind the “shufflebuilding” series, known for allowing fictional dream teams to battle it out with other campy characters, throws their followers a bone (or fin, or claw) as to what kind of faction they can expect that Spring. But the team until now had remained inexplicably tight-lipped. What could possibly keep the chinwag under control from the Smash Up team? the mid-October newsletter read. They are notorious for spilling beans everywhere.

Anticipatory posts on Smash Up’s Facebook group attributed the reasoning for the team’s reticence to everything from the designers being incarcerated somewhere abroad, to simply “being lazy”, to even busted by feds for hobnobbing with folks of ill-repute (“AGAIN”). However thankful they are for everyone’s vote of confidence, fortunately, we can now put the ridiculous guessing to rest.

The Op Games | usaopoly has announced a new partnership with AEG to bring officially licensed factions to the Smash Up collection in 2020 and beyond!

That's right. As much as AEG wishes they could pass off their radio silence to being slothful or jailed for contraband, Smash Up designer Paul Peterson is thrilled for the future releases, optimistic that players will embrace what this collaboration will have to offer. "The Op has consistently put out some of the highest quality games in the industry,” says Peterson, known best for his work on Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering. “By pairing with the design team from AEG, the Smash Up game we are building together is going knock the fans’ socks off!"

No specifics in regards to what licenses will come of The Op and AEG’s joined forces just yet, but keep the crossover dreams alive until more can be revealed come 2020 March Smashness!

How’s that for a game changer? Fly over to the Smash Up Smashposting Facebook group to share your thoughts!