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The last night of a two week stay on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Miranda Cerrone

I have had many different careers in my short 31 years. Everything from a retail manager, a blind manufacture, a hospital registration clerk, and for the past 7 years I have been invested in the financial industry. I have my securities licenses, so technically I could manager your money. Since CoVid and a VSP program, I decided to pursue my passion for writing. Here I am looking at the world though yet another lens , and seeing where it takes me. 

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It's the Tone of this Election for me
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The past four years have seen quite the ride of up's and down's, but  the tone of this election has both sides battling it out right down to last ballot cast on November 3rd. 

This election has been one of the most controversial and debated that our nation has seen, but the underlying issues of the election are still on everyones mind. The ever spiking pandemic, the civil unrest, defunding of the police, and which side we choose to run the country for the next 4 years for starters. 

On the left side you have Biden and his democratic backers which are the likes of Hilary Clinton, Obama, and celebrates alike. Some say that his popularity will be enough to secure his win in the race for the White House. However, if you look, the democrats have quite a few rising issues when it comes to scandals and smearing their own names. I know we haven't forgot about Hilary's 35,000 missing emails, or is that not part of the narrative right now? Regardless, we also have Biden who has changed his catch phrases to reflect what the people want to hear. 

Biden is quoted saying "I am going to shut down the Virus, not the country." 

Since the first Presidential debate Biden changed his tune on a few different topics including the defunding of the police which he still doesn't address head on. He also retracted to make sure he rephrased to "shutting down the virus, not the country". However, we will just have to wait and see if he is elected if that is the case. 

On the right side we have Trump, the man of controversy himself. He speaks his mind and it seems that the lack of censorship is a sore spot for some. He is also called a racist however, in recent months we have seen a vast outpouring from minorities in different communities backing their support for Trump. Lil Wayne and 50 Cent are just a few celebrities over the past week that have come out and backed their support of the President in his race to rescuer the White House. However, different things are on the republicans mind such as the topic of stimulus. 

Trump's first 2 billion dollar stimulus package was released with the hopes it would help during the peak of the pandemic, and now we are entering another spike and relief is still pending due to  Pelosi and the house democrats refusing to settle on a lesser amount. The Trump administration suspend negations until after the election. With so many different sides, debates, and topics each news station has clearly shown their side and have predicted outcomes. 

"The Stock Market was predicting a Trump win until Friday the 30th" 

News sources alike are stating Biden has the biggest lead, CNN being one of them showing on October 28, that he has the lead on a head-to-head race, and the stock market is now predicting a Biden win over Trump, which is a change from the past couple of months. 

People forget that Hilary won the popular vote in her presidential race, but that is not the deciding factor. It comes down to the electoral college and we all know they don't always go for the popular vote. Insert the 2016 election.  

As we move into the vote on November 3rd one thing is for sure this presidential election will make a huge impact on what happens in this country for the next 4 years. Educate yourself and vote based off facts and not just a hatred towards one or the other presidential candidates.  

Published November 2, 2020
At 5.30am we stand at the top of the hill in the Mt Cook national park in New Zealand to celebrate that awesome sunrise.
The photo was taken with the self-timer.
Unemployment... That I volunteered for!?
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Many of my close clients that I told I was taking the company wide VSP package were shocked to say the least. However, before we get into that let me explain a little back story. I was a wealth management consultant for TIAA, and I liked my job but was looking for the next step. 

When the pandemic started in March of 2020 or should I say the lockdown our company assured us that no layoffs would occur. Fast forward to April/May of 2020 and a the company was now doing an overhaul to change their dynamics, and CoVid presented them the perfect time to do so. I believe as they put it  in my own words" We want to cost cut on what we have seen is the future losses to the company, and by offering this VSP we are allowing people to leave on their own terms, and preventing mandatory layoffs. In offering 75% of the employee base the VSP we believe that enough people will accept to avoid again the mandatory layoffs, and put us at the savings we needed in our projection". 

Easily, one of the Best places I have worked!

I want to set the record straight that the tone of this article is light-hearted as TIAA is by far one of the best companies I have ever worked for, and they really do have not only have their client's back, but their employees. When this announcement was made I immediately started battling my heart and my brain. My heart was at a point that I had made very good client connections, as well as connections with the Advisors I worked with and friends I had made. My gut and brain were telling me "This is it, the way out you were looking for and a chance to start something new. 

Fast forward a month into taking the VSP and the lessons I have learned thus far. The first being is that I did not realize how stressful my job was. Again, I like my job but the stress that you carry around is enormous! I have slept better, I want to wake up, I want to do things again, I haven't had a migraine, and I just overly feel more happy. 

The second thing I have learned is that what I thought would be huge amounts of time that I had because I wasn't busy was a lie I told myself. I have not had one day where I was like "what should I do today?" I have got house projects done, spent time with family, went the gym, and started paying more attention the food that goes into my body. 

The final lesson I have learned thus far and I think is the most important is that as much as love to make money, living my life is way better. The job I get next will complement my life where I can enjoy it to the fullest. If the pandemic has taught anyone anything it is that we are on a constant 90mph road, and we don't understand what it is like to slow down, smell the flowers, and actually enjoy life. 

I don't ever want to be that girl again! I want to wake up wanting to wake up, have my coffee, look at the sunrise and know today is another beautiful day, period. So, the next time someone ask me if I was crazy to take a VSP package during the state of the world I am simply going to reply " Yes, but in the best way possible." 

Published November 18, 2020
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Let's Talk Lip
Front Page
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A subtle glow, a glossy finish, matte perfection, and that WOW factor. Every women has their idea of the perfect lip, and what it means to them. I have been a makeup lover since I was old enough to sit on a counter top watching my mom apply the layers of beautiful perfection, the war paint to take on her day. The creamy shades that adorned her eyes, the bright shades swept across her cheeks and that beautiful shade of mauve that she swiped across her mouth. 

I fell in love with makeup and the way it transformed what was already beautiful into a masterpiece. As I grew up I dabbled in all kinds of makeup to find my perfect matches, but lipstick is a game of anything goes. There is a red, pink, nude shade for every skin type out there, it is just a matter of finding it, which is half the fun. For every bad shade I purchased a perfected one followed. 

Lipstick to me is a power statement of the women who is wearing it, and it does not matter the shade. Walking into a board room with a bright red screams in-charge, a soft pink on a first date is a flirt all on its own, and nude lip on a summer morning screams I am ready for the day. 

Lipstick can get us through the worst times. As Elizabeth Taylor once said 

"Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together."

I have had my moments where I am staring in a mirror, mascara running down my face wondering what I did wrong. If you haven't had this moment yet, at some point in your life you will, whether you're 20 or 60. At that very point I pull open my lipstick draw and put on the most vibrate color I can, smear it across my lips, and give my self a badass pep talk and move on with my day. 

Lipstick has power and not all women harness that said power, but I am telling you on this day go out and bye a shade that intimidates you and wear it with confidence. In my opinion nothing looks better than a confident attitude paired with a bad ass lipstick. 

Published November 18, 2020