Warframe Trinity Farm: How to farm Trinity’s Animo Nav Beacons (6 Easy Spawn Drop Locations)

Step guide with images of spawn locations for the Animo Nav Beacon drops for an efficient Warframe Trinity farm.

July 22, 2021
An old brass key dropped in the woods.

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Step 1: Location

Spawn in to Minthe on Pluto in Warframe.

Reason for choosing this mission is because Heiracon is the wrong faction and outer terminus spawns every two or three rounds. Example: round 2, 5, 7, 10, which makes the spawn drop locations time gated.

Step 2: Do Mission and look for Spawns

Do the mission and jump around for a while in the spots the ships spawn as one of the mobs the ships drop will provide you with Animo Nav Beacons.

These spots are not all guaranteed each time for the Trinity Farm.

Try each one out each time you spawn into the mission.

Whilst the Mission objective target is in the first location, run outside and jump onto the platform.

Jump over the gap and back whilst at the second target location to spawn the ship.

Jump up on the platform behind the third target location.

Jump up against the glass a few times after the fourth target location part is cleared.

Jump around this bridge area which can spawn a ship nearby.

Jump up and around in multiple spots to get it to spawn on the secondary platform at the mission’s end.

Image from GamePressure.

Step 3: Ambulus Fight

A summary of this fight is:

  1. Kill the enemies.
  2. Hack the ambulus when they appear.
  3. Protect them whilst they are hacked from mobs.
  4. Repeat till the ship in the sky blows up.

For more info on the fight feel free to check the Warframe Wiki page to conclude your Trinity Farm.

A great Animo Nav Beacon video guide can be found here: