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Christine Nianna Dizor

You can call me Tine. I'm a Broadcast Journalism student from a university in the Philippines. 

I started writing when I was in High School, from making short stories to writing for short films. In College, my writing skill was honed more as I've learned certain techniques when it comes to writing.

The Power of Podcast
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On The Audience

Nowadays, people are resorting to a medium that is more accessible. Something that they can watch or listen to while doing chores or finishing some papers. Multitasking, as what others call it.

But over the years, the things that aren't accessible to the mass audience, became more accessible. Through this, people found podcasts. 

I am not a fan of podcasts before. Listening to a person or two talking about some things, their hobbies for example, bores me. But as I understand this kind of medium more and more, it became as my go-to while I write, or eat, or even sleep.

Unlike before, I didn't understand how to listen to podcasts. The question I always asked myself is: How do they find and listen to podcasts? 

I'm a Broadcast Journalism student. Sure, if you think about it, we had a lesson about podcasts. But we didn't. The only thing I learned about it is that podcasts are only accessible through the RSS Feed (which believe me, I still don't know how that thing works). 

But now, with the help of the likes of Apple, Spotify and other listening platforms, it became more accessible to the people who has it on their phones. It has more potential when it comes to the market.

On The Podcasters

According to American Marketing Association, "the effectiveness of a podcast can no longer be ignored." People are now resorting to podcasts. And I'm speaking not only for the audience, but also to people who have brands. The Marketers, the Advertisers. 

But now, it's for all. Podcast became a medium where anyone can talk about anything. From podcast stories to podcast interviews. Some even have a hybrid podcast! Even two students who are interested, let's say, in History can make a podcast and upload it!

It is not only accessible to the people, but it is also to the content makers (as I'd like to call it). Writers, bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers, you name it! As of 2019, there have been around 50,000 podcasts circulating the internet. 

As a theatergoer, you can even start one. My friends and I, we started entering this kind of medium a few months ago. Talking about the shows we've seen, sharing our insights and even promoting. 

May it be a listener or a podcaster, one thing's for sure: the power of podcast is here. And if it survived for years now, whatever the podcasting may bring, it will surely hook more people and more accessible.

Published February 25, 2020