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October 20, 2020
When "Losing" is my Goal -- Perfect is the Enemy of Good
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January 2, 2020, for the 5th or 6th time I saw an ad for Noom weight loss program, $10 for a 2-week trial. I figured I could afford to lose $10 if it didn't work as I figured it would not. So I signed up. 

In 2 weeks I had lost 8 pounds, figured out how to get my floor cycle out which my daughter had given me 2 years earlier and found out that I could survive 1000 rotations in one sitting without going crazy. I was sold and excited! And the other thing which surprised me was that I found "my mind was in the game."

That day in January 2020, I weighed in at 278 pounds. I had basically given up because I'd started so many times and "failed" to reach my ultimate goal, I figured that I was doomed to live out the rest of my days very overweight and to be truthful, miserable, something I tried to deny. 

Today, 9 months later, I have lost 48 pounds, 35 inches and cycle 10,000 rotations daily. You may say, "Wow, that's amazing!" It is amazing but I want to say something else here and it is what Noom is all about. Weight loss is more about changing our behavior than it is about the food we eat. That is what I have learned in these 9 months and what I have figured out how to practice. Now I come to the point of the title of this story, "Perfect is the Enemy of Good."

It is some about Noom and I credit them with pointing these things out. But the putting into practice is all about us who want to lose all that fat we've accumulated over the years. Noom points out "thought distortions," the elephant in the room that tries to hank the reins out of my hands so I binge eat on anything in sight, or the fact that food doesn't make me fat but how I eat it makes me fat.

I was raised in legalism, everything is right or wrong and don't start something unless you do it right or perfect.  There is some truth to that but in weight loss it can ruin us. 

Noom set me at 1200 calories daily plus calories which are added because of exercise I do. When I go over even 5, 10 or even 100 calories, my first thought used to be, "Oh, I've failed?" Why? Because I was not perfect! At that moment I could have sunk the ship of my ultimate desire, to weight less than 200 pounds. This is where "perfect is the enemy of good".

I did good that day and in fact the scales did not go up the next morning. I did good when you look at the big picture and the best part was that I was still in the game.  Even if the scales had fluctuated up, I still did good. 

Today, 9 months later, I have forsaken the term, "I got off track" when I have more than allotted calories or eat a double slice of chocolate cake. I have also forsaken my all too common practice to dump on myself when I'm less than perfect.

Perfect will not get us to our goal weight. Dogged persistence will lead the way. I've not been perfect these past 9 months and will not be perfect today, tomorrow or the rest of my journey but I do good and always keep my head in the game and my heart's desire in the forefront. 

I will never let "perfect" block my progress again. My path forward is forged with good consistency, good faith of success and good friendship of my companions on this journey.