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May 26, 2020
Dear Maid of Honor, Write This Instead. Sincerely, The Bride.
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Photo Credit: Sam Manns | Unsplash

Dear Maid of Honor,

We love you. We really, really, really, do. All of our adventures and time together have been the absolute best and we wouldn't trade it for the world. We've done all we could to not be Bridezillas and reasonable, so please, please make your speech about us and our partner... on, ya know, OUR WEDDING DAY.

I'm sorry but someone has to say it! Don't get me wrong, strolling down memory lane is always a blast, but there are so many opportunities in life as the Maid of Honor that you will be able to gush over the friendship in a public speech. Oh, you think I'm wrong? Basically any party that honors the bride (like a birthday that happens every single year) can be a platform to express the love and appreciation you have for the bride and your friendship. 

The wedding day should be a focus on the bride, the groom, and their marriage. 

For those of us who have found a person that is unmatched by any rival, we feel so lucky to have found someone who appreciates, loves, and values us. It's a love we have never experienced before! It's changed us. We've grown so much and feel improvement in our selves and lives as individuals. 

So talk about our love, our growth, and our partnership.

The partner we chose for the rest of our lives was not chosen lightly. We are better, at least in some ways, because we are choosing this person. As a Maid of Honor, there is a high chance that you will have been part of the bride's life longer than anyone, or you at least know the bride on a deeper level than most. YOU are what connects the brides past to her current relationship.  You're the liaison of sorts. How, you ask? 

You know the bride inside and out. 

You can best speak to the fact that these two people are meant to be together. You have seen any, and all changes in the bride, due to their relationship. You were there before this relationship, and understand the bride, her life, wants and dreams, on a level that is unmatched by others.

So what does your bride want? She wants two things:

1. She wants you to talk about the person she is. 

She wants you to share what you love most about her. She wants everyone in the audience to see her for the person she is, deeply and profoundly, as you do. To her, no one knows her as best as you, and through you, they will know her for the person and individual she is for the first time. Who is better suited to show the wedding guests who the bride is other than her best friend and partner-in-crime?

2. She wants you to illustrate to everyone how perfect her partner is for her and her for them. 

How has the bride grown as an individual since finding her person? Perhaps her insecurities have now become strengths. Perhaps she sees the world in a way she hasn't seen in years, or in a new light all together. The bride wants her Maid of Honor to think of the reasons she's grateful that the bride found this person and this person found the bride. Not only because she wants the audience to hear and know this too, she wants to hear it from you, to know that you see the perfectness of their partnership; you believe that they are meant to be together as well.

This was most likely not what you wanted to hear but it's the truth...

Our dear Maids of Honor, we know it's not the advice you wanted but it's the advise you needed... When you write your Maid of Honor speech, remember that this is a tribute to the bride, whom you love, and her newfound love and relationship. Your friendship and role can of course be mentioned, but don't let it be the focus. Just remember, everyone already knows how important you are because of the significant role you've been given. 

If all else fails, think of what you would want to hear if you were the bride (and be honest with yourself here). 

No matter what happens, your bride will always love you - but don't make it difficult if you can!


The Bride