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April 12, 2021

Why Comic Books Are Perfect For Our Busy Lives

Art + Story = Convenience

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Photo Credit: Joe Ciciarelli | Unsplash

I love books. I grew up a book nerd, and I vowed that one day I would write my own stories for others to enjoy. It's just such a fun format of adventure. So much can be told with written words that can't always be conveyed on screen.

As I grew older, the time I invested in reading waned year after year. Not for a lack of want, of course. I still love books. But in this day and age, where everything is vying for my attention, I don't have the dedication or the time to commit to reading full-length novels, much less entire series. It's kind of depressing. I try to fit one in here and there, but it's quite obvious that my priorities lie elsewhere.

Enter front stage: comic books. 

They're short and quick to consume 

I always thought comics (or graphic novels as some call them) were for superhero nerds and were contained to that genre. Recently though, my eyes (and my wallet) were opened to the world of horror comics. 

Suddenly, a whole new way to read and absorb stories fixed the dilemma of a busy schedule. Comics are released as numbered issues, within which the story is told through a network of artwork panels, dialogue bubbles, and the interaction between these two. The length of an issue can vary, but on average, they're rather short. It's like taking a chapter from a book and converting it to art.

Sure, some of the inflection created within novels is lost this route. Just like television and movies can't capture every essence and the sheer depths that novels can convey, comic books have their own limitations.

But comics offer something unique that novels and television can't. 

And that's convenience.

Unlike a novel, a comic book can be consumed in a day. Unlike television, a comic book series can tell a plethora of stories that studios couldn't even begin to capture without impossible budgets and mass audience appeal.

Plus, the artwork is phenomenal. These are artists at their peak and in the zone. You can find some of the most remarkable art being produced today simply by opening the to a random page of a comic book.

So I urge you to pick one up. Don't let the nerd stereotypes hold you back (especially since there's nothing wrong with being a bit nerdy). There are so many types of comics out there besides superheroes (and hey, if you're into superheroes, then this is the perfect type of reading material for you).

Busy schedules won't stop us from going on fantastical journeys with elves or braving the dark corridors of a vampire's castle. Because comic books are waiting to take you there.