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January 27, 2022

Carters Beach: Nova Scotia’s Hidden Gem

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I remember when I first heard about Carters Beach (how beautiful it was) and thought, “What makes it so different from any other beach?” 

When I looked at pictures of it I was in disbelief - there is no way I live close to a beach with white sand and crystal clear water.  I assumed the pictures were edited to make it look nicer - now I regret not going sooner.

A Jaw-Dropping Experience

My first time going was this year (once beaches reopened) and I will never forget the moment I laid eyes on it.  My jaw dropped and I let out a big gasp - I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. 

View from parking lot at Carters Beach in Port Mouton, Nova Scotia

Carters Beach looked like a beach in the Caribbean - the sand was white and glittery and the water was crystal clear with a beautiful turquoise colour to it.  

White sand and clear turquoise water at Carters Beach in Port Mouton, Nova Scotia

Three Beaches in One

Even when this beach is busy it is never overcrowded because it is so spacious - another reason it is a must-see spot!

View of the first and second crescent areas from the third crescent area at Carters Beach in Port Mouton, Nova Scotia

Carters Beach is three beaches in one (three crescent areas one after another).  The first and third area are more shallow and gentle.  The second beach is about waist deep at high tide and ankle deep at low tide. This is a great spot for children at low tide as the water is warmer and there aren’t any waves. 

Going for a Swim

When I went into the water for the first time two things came to mind.  I quickly realized how cold the water was (this was refreshing on a really hot day), and how clear the water was (the only time I experienced water that looked like this was in the Caribbean).  I also enjoyed how calm the water was (this has been my experience every time I’ve gone), this made it easy for me to take my little guy into the water.

Water at Carters Beach in Port Mouton, Nova Scotia

A Relaxing Experience

The atmosphere of Carters Beach is incredibly relaxing - the minute I stepped foot onto the sand my worries faded away.  I remember thinking, “The only thing that matters is the here and now.”

The shoreline at Carters Beach in Port Mouton, Nova Scotia

 Even when I brought my toddler I felt relaxed.  My son and I had plenty of space to run around and play while surrounded by calm waters and a breath-taking view.  I like to describe it as a natural form of therapy - it was exactly what I needed with everything that has gone on this year.  My son was asking when we were going to come back after his first time there and we came back the next day.