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Top 5 Tips for Traveling On a Budget

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For some, it's a once-a-year kind of thing. For others, it's all they do. And for the rest who travel, it's somewhere in the middle. But for all of us: travel is costly. 

So I've decided to compile my top five tips and tricks for saving money while enjoying a wonderful experience.

1. Go the Distance

Go on a trip. Make an adventure.

As I've traveled; and researched affordable places to stay in my destination, I've noticed something. The further away from the hotspot, the lower the price. You don't have to travel very far. Smaller surrounding towns and places that aren't prime pickings are in abundance. They're pretty beautiful themselves, and they're not generally as busy. Snagging a condo a mile from the beach or a private room in an Airbnb on the outskirts of town can shed a few extra dollars.

2. Bigger is Not Always Better

An A-Frame cabin

While choosing a large cabin or renting an entire house in Austin, Texas sounds terrific, it isn't necessary for a relaxing and enjoyable trip. Hotel suites aren't required for a pleasant stay. A simple hotel room with a queen bed is sufficient. One room a-frames are plenty for two. Renting a room in someone's home can cut costs.

3. Small Fare

Mom and Pop places. Holes in the wall. Food trucks. Most of these are hidden gems that won't drain your wallet. The food is delicious; the service is sweet. Enough said.

4. Logic Over Luxury 

Being pampered is fantastic. But it isn't always practical. Or affordable. Choosing the dated little bungalow a mile or two from the beach will still serve you an enjoyable experience, despite the lack of cute little towel animals or complimentary soaps. Top-notch service can still be achieved for a lower price. Or, if you still prefer a bit of luxury, you can search for deals and discounts. Groupon is one of my favorite accessories to achieve luxe treatment on a budget.

5. The More the Merrier

So you still want luxury. But discounts and deals aren't enough. 

Bring family or friends along if you don't mind the extra company! This is an easy and practical way to split up the cost. Having loved ones around can sweeten the experience, and friends increase the fun. Several places even offer group discounts. So, unless it's a couples' retreat, consider extending an invitation to people you know.

Regardless if you still want luxury or are willing to downgrade the site (but not the experience), there are still ways to save your wallet on your next trip. And lower your stress.