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"In two weeks of using Contena, I've already started getting paid for my writing. Before this, I had no experience with freelance writing, whatsoever. I feel great working from home and know that I'll soon be able to quit my part-time job in retail, and start full-time freelance writing!"

Jillian | California, United States

"I landed my first professional writing job through Contena. I went from having just a few samples and no paid experience to writing a minimum of 12 articles a month for a website with over 3.2 million subscribers! Special thanks to my writing coach Amanda!"

Kenzie B. | Illinois, United States

"Today, I got paid for my first freelance job, and I’m not even finished with Contena academy! Contena gave me the confidence and tools to turn my dream into something real for me, today. I couldn’t recommend it more!"

Kevin W. | New York, United States