Contena Refund Policy

Heroic, LLC d/b/a Contena (“Contena”, “we,” “our,” or “us”) offers a "30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee" with all Contena memberships. If you are not satisfied with your Contena membership and would like a refund, you must contact within thirty (30) days of joining Contena (the "Refund Window") and show us that you did the work by providing the following worksheets (collectively referred to as the "Materials"), completed in their entirety, from Contena Academy:

  • Worksheet: Goals
  • Worksheet: Writing Samples Checklist
  • Worksheet: Contributor Profiles
  • Worksheet: Testimonial Requests
  • Worksheet: Pitch Template
  • Worksheet: Pitch Checklist
  • Worksheet: Email Checklist

After reviewing the submitted Materials, we reserve the right to deny any refund request based on what we determine to be incomplete work or insufficient effort. All refunds are issued on a discretionary basis by Contena.

You are not eligible for a refund if any of the following conditions apply:

  • You contact us outside of the 30 day Refund Window.
  • You do not provide all of the Materials, completed in their entirety, within the 30 day Refund Window.

For all inquiries regarding our Refund Policy , please email

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