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My husband and I have been desperate for a way to make a few extra dollars and pay off our college loans. I knew I was a good writer, but I had kind of given up hope of ever using this skill to help us financially! Then I found Contena! Within two weeks of starting, I had my first job. The coaching & website is super easy to navigate. We are hopeful again about paying our debt, but most importantly, I'm happier because I'm writing again!

Mary F.
Minnesota, United States

I have been a member of Contena for less than 2 months and I have already landed my first writing contract! I have also had 3 submissions accepted. I have even been able to quit my part-time job.

Adrienne W.
Oklahoma, United States

I have only been with Contena for a week, and already I have landed a ghostwriting job. I think that the pitch crafted from Contena Academy's recipe really sealed the deal! It is a great first gig, and I know it will help me grow my business and better my craft!

Alisa A.
Massachusetts, United States

In two weeks of using Contena, I've already started getting paid for my writing. Before this, I had no experience with freelance writing, whatsoever. I feel great working from home and know that I'll soon be able to quit my part-time job in retail, and start full-time freelance writing!

California, United States

The resources at Contena are a gold mine! I've managed to find several great listings on Contena that suit my skills and pay well. I'm constantly learning from the Academy, and I feel incredibly focused because of the straightforward training. I've decided to build and launch a website for my writing services, and I already have clients lining up.

Cate G.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

I landed my first professional writing job through Contena. I went from having just a few samples and no paid experience to writing a minimum of 12 articles a month for a website with over 3.2 million subscribers! Special thanks to my writing coach Amanda!

Kenzie B.
Illinois, United States

I’ve always wanted to be a professional writer - to be published and earn at least a part of my income from writing - but it remained a distant daydream until I signed up with Contena.

Today, I got paid for my first freelance job, and I’m not even finished with Contena academy! I decided to put my pitch to work right after completing Module 5. Not only did I get paid, but I had a lot of fun doing the work, and I added to my published portfolio.

Contena gave me the confidence and tools to turn my dream into something real for me, today. I couldn’t recommend it more!

Kevin W.
New York, United States

My Contena Coach has been amazing. I've managed to quit my job and become a full-time freelance writer in less than 6 months. Thank you Contena for helping me achieve this dream :)

Rosie G.
Kent, England

Contena has given me the knowledge and tools to put together my pitch, and also gave me access to submissions so that I can get some writing samples under my belt. I also love having a coach to guide me, since I am new to this.

Leslee F.
Oklahoma, United States

Contena has helped me write my very first article. I am so excited to begin a new part of my life being creative, working hard with flexible hrs, and having fun doing it. Thank you Contena, Kevin, and Amanda. You rock.

Ontario, Canada

I have learned so much about writing and selling myself! I have already started applying for jobs and am getting responses. It is so exciting!

Idaho, United States

Contena Academy is teaching me how to market myself, which is incredibly helpful.  I have no marketing experience and am considering switching careers from education to freelance writing, and I am learning  so much with Contena.  I look forward to applying to my first writing gig with Contena's help!

Kate P.
Massachusetts, United States

Writing has always been a major part of who I am as a person, Contena has made me take my hobby to a new level. I have been writing professionally for about 2 months now and have never been happier.

Robbie S.
New York, United States

I've been writing (and occasionally getting published) for 20+ years; I already knew how to write before coming to Contena. What I didn't know how to do was market myself effectively, or how to write some of the specific kinds of short-form content that high-paying clients want.

As of this writing, I've been a Contena member for three weeks and I'm already under contract with three different clients, totaling a six figure income by the end of this year.

Never in my most optimistic dreams did I expect to reach my goal so quickly. Granted, it's still early, and these contracts might go up in smoke one day, but that isn't what matters. Having access to the Academy courses and to Amanda (my coach) has made all the difference; I now have the fundamentals I was lacking, and I know how to build on them in the future. If my current clients don't work out, I'm confident in my ability to go find more.

Getting your freelance writing career off the ground is not a cakewalk, but it is doable. If you want to make a ton of money with minimal effort, you're in the wrong field. But if you put in a consistent amount of work to produce quality content, pay attention to the Academy modules, market yourself assertively, and routinely crush your deadlines, you can and will succeed.

Tim W.
Oregon, United States

Contena has taught me so much, and finally let me express my writing. I am looking forward to working with people and publishing more of my work!

Ashley W.
Virginia, United States

Contena has an awesome platform which I am still learning. I am intrigued by the job opportunities Contena has, its so many jobs it seems as if its enough work for everybody. This motivates me along with the educational modules and materials to help me keep pushing through and know, I too am a freelance writer!  Without Contena, my journey with freelance writing would have definitely been difficult. Thanks Contena.

Calvin L.
Texas, United States

After a career that began with ten years in retail, followed by ten years in a medical office, and concluded after nearly seventeen years as a paralegal, I knew that it was absolutely necessary to find work that was flexible to my schedule. I needed work that I could perform at home, or on the beach, or from my hotel room.

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in April 2004. The affects of this disease were slowing me down during the days I experienced flare-ups. I was most certainly not ready to retire. I may never be ready to retire. Then I read an article about Contena. I applied for their writing program. I was accepted! I worked through the first 5 modules.

I have already had two of my product reviews published! I am currently working on a novel in the mystery genre. Seven of the eleven chapters are completed, and I plan to release my book in March of this year.

Thanks to Contena, I am well on my way to another new chapter in my career. I am fully energized as I pursue my life-long dream of being a writer.

Nancy Jane
Lincoln, Nebraska

The sites I had tried before didn't explain how to get started or give advice about the content expected. It took applying to several jobs but one of the jobs I have took several months to get back to me and the other hired me immediately. I have enough work now to start and am thankful for Contena!

Kary D.
Tennessee, United States

Thanks to Contena I've been able to expand my horizons and get closer to achieving my dream of being a writer. Without Contena I wasted a lot of time. Now i can focus on whats really important. Thank you Contena for this beautiful experience.

Kenneesha N.
Alberta, Canada

Contena has given me the tools to establish myself as a freelancer and as a result, I have been accepted to be a travel writer for and I'm in communication to write about cryptocurrency!

Joe T.
Orange, California

Contena gave me the confidence to become a writer! They reviewed my work, gave me tips and everytime I open my email there is an alert to another writing job right there waiting for me. Thanks Contena for making my transition to a writer so easy!

Ontario, Canada

The academy was a great experience! I took a basic overview of the program. I studied the pitch and adapted it and sent out a cold email. As luck would have it, I got a response within 1 hour of sending the pitch to update the blog and add FB as social media. The lead client is enthused...and I did not compromise on price. No questions were even asked. Not even a blink. We are getting together on Monday to finalize the deal. My strategy is to build a solid monthly recurring income using the subscription method to establish a clientele. I need to add 9 clients and then I want to outsource writing assignments. I have been floundering on my own. With Contena, I see how to build a solid base for a business and I have the tools to move forward with confidence.

Melba L.
Texas, United States

Contena Academy has helped me leap over the hurdles that were preventing my success as a freelance writer. The modules deconstruct the entire process of finding writing jobs and have helped me create a clear, easy to implement process that I can use again and again. I was hesitant to invest my time and money with Contena, but I am so glad I did. It has been well worth it.

Christine I.
Cameron, North Carolina

Contena has helped me tap into my creative side by starting to write. I wasn't fully aware of all the stories I have in my mind to tell. I want to say thank you for allowing me to discover this side of myself.

Ashley D.
Ontario, Canada

Thanks to my Contena coach who not only provided valuable feedback on my portfolio and pitches, but also helped me get my recent articles on Medium and Buzzfeed. Without Contena Academy, I wouldn't have even known it was an option to self publish on such professional sites!

Michelle M.
Orlando, Florida

Contena helped me launch my career, it gave me confidence, and it provided a daily outlet for my writing focus. Good stuff. Now I write for sites like,, and I'm making a buck a word on my own. I've also hired my first contractors.

Daniel D.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

I've had great success with Contena and I am proud to be part of the community. My first writing job was with a company called Roomi.

The content manager took me on as an intern which grew into a paid position. Under her mentorship, I built a writing portfolio that has led to consistent gigs. My writing career would still be just a dream without Contena leading me to Roomi.

Nicole H.
Brooklyn, New York

As a new freelance writer, I would be spending days looking for a writing gig. At this time I was spending almost all of my time looking for jobs and hardly ever actually writing. Contena changed the game for me as it allowed me to spend most of my time actually writing which is the only way a freelance writer can earn. Contena has allowed me to move my business in the right direction very quickly.

Avijoy R.
Western Australia

My Contena coach has helped me with various articles and is helping me build a professional portfolio and pitch. My confidence is growing and I'm inspired to see the end result.

Caroline C.
British Columbia, Canada

I've been trying to make it as a freelance writer for a nearly six months now. Even though I've had amazing clients, I was using platforms such as Upwork to source jobs. My experience was that clients wanted quality content for dirt cheap prices!

I'm so glad I stumbled upon Contena! My amazing Contena coach has been so helpful! She's answered all my silly questions and given great constructive feedback on my portfolio, pitch and CV.

The academy has also been a game-changer in how I pitch to new clients!

I've only been with Contena for a week and I've already heard back from a potential client (who pays well!!!). Even though I haven't landed the gig yet, it's a massive win for me - I can now see my dream is on its way to becoming a reality!

Thank you so much Contena!

Josephine M.
Palm Beach, Florida

In less than a month, I found steady work and have been able to consistently supplement my income. Contena was a game changer!

Stephanie J.
Leechburg, Pennsylvania

Seeing better opportunities for writing gigs laid out in a clear manner has been very helpful for me with Contena.

The biggest help has come from my Contena coach, Amanda Scheibner. She's helped me craft the perfect pitch to land the jobs I want most. Her help has and will be invaluable going forward.

Shane M.
Maysville, Georgia

I was searching for part-time writing work to supplement my current position as an editor with a local publishing company, and heard about Contena.

I sent out a few resumes for jobs I found on the site that I liked, and got a call directly from the head of a company that does blog writing for a wide variety of clients across the states. I have tons of flexibility - they send me orders and I turn them in on a timeline I work out with my editor- and I get paid a good rate promptly each month.

I am actually back on the site right now, since I'm looking for a few extra gigs. Looking forward to seeing what I turn up!

Meg I.
Akron, Ohio

LOVE it. Its super easy to use, I've already referred one friend and will probably refer another

Heidi R.

I got a nice gig from Contena after a few emails yesterday.

Aki M.

I got a great gig using Contena in my very specialized and niche field. I've been using upwork (formerly odesk) for a long time, but I'm glad I tried Contena as it's been more effective and seems to take much less time to secure long term contracts.

Corinne T.
United States

I am SO happy I found Contena!! You nailed it! I spend so much time looking for writing jobs specific to my RN degree and obstetrics specialty that it was driving me insane!

Lynn S.

I have my first interview this morning at 11. I have also shared this page with my friends who write freelance and encouraged them to sign up

Nicole H.

I'd been looking for a new easy outlet to market my freelance writing business. Who wants to do it the hard way? So when I had the money, I finally plunked it down.

And I'm glad I did.

Not only was Amanda's pitch review incredibly valuable, but the jobs are high-quality jobs. I landed my first one within a week and a half of signing up, at a rate that not only made the annual membership pay for itself, but provided a modest ROI as well.

The Contena team has done something I've never seen before. They've created a job board full of high-quality jobs, so you can focus on picking out what you'll be good at doing rather than trying to decide if you're about to get screwed. I'd highly recommend that any freelancer go right ahead and make the investment.

Carmen H.

I recently obtained a writing gig through Contena with a company that writes articles on strong, independent women. 

My Contena Coach was extremely helpful in helping me build up my confidence but in also showing me the appropriate way to apply for jobs. She told me of the importance of doing your research about the company, checking out their website, along with seeing the type of content they have on their website and the format. All it takes is one person giving you one opportunity and then you can expand from there!

Jasmine E.
Maryland, United States

I have learned so much from Contena within the first 2 weeks! I've been able to easily juggle the academy modules and writing along with my sculpture business.

My coach, Amanda, has been absolutely the best! She has been available to me for proofing my work for each module. She has helped me become more focused on what kind of writing jobs I want. I haven't applied for jobs yet, but I am very excited about what I've learned and created so far!

Thanks Contena!

Melanie N.
Inglewood, California

Hi Kevin,

I've been a Contena member for a few months now and have found your site to be a huge benefit for my freelance career.

Within the first 30 days, I was able to land a great writing gig as an independent contractor for MapQuest, and have had several other solid leads as well.

I've already left a comment on Facebook about how pleased I am with your service, and would gladly write up a formal testimonial if that would also help.

Julia M.

I'm so glad to have joined Contena as a freelance writer. Ever since learning, that's what Carrie from "Sex in the City" did and the fact that I can work from home and get paid for doing what I love.

Constance J.
Mesquite, Texas

Contena has proven to be a short cut for freelance success, and don't we all love a good short cut!


We can live anywhere and work as much as we want to, and Contena is our partner in being able to do that. Thank you for opening up the world to us, Kevin! Keep up the great work!

Prudence T.
Denver, Colorado

Bring out a box of celebratory chocolates for my coach (Amanda) and me! With her incredibly skillful encouragement, I was able to land a great paying gig writing about a topic I truly enjoy.

Other negotiations are in the works, and I'm totally pumped about my future in the field of freelance writing. Without Contena, I would still be sending out clueless, junk pitches completely void of voice or authority. Kudos to Amanda and kudos to Contena!

Dyanne H.

I only joined Contena yesterday and already I'm being considered for an online travel writing job for a Berlin based company. Thanks!"

Claire K.

Contena changed my life for the better, forever. They scout the world for writing jobs so I don't have to! There are simply no words to explain how that alone is invaluable. I am profoundly grateful.

Cheryl R.

I've had no trouble finding clients in the past, but the Contena educational modules have opened doors that I didn't know about!

Kayla L.
Rego Park, New York

Contena has given me the tools and confidence to apply to writing jobs. I feel confident sending my applications, knowing I followed the outline Contena has provided.

Alyssa S.
Collegeville, Pennsylvania

I have already accepted three new gigs, and one pays more per article than I have ever received before. They want me to write 2 a week! I will be making my three-month income goal with no problem!

Jennifer D.
Woodbine, Maryland

It wasn't easy. And it took four months. But we are published on a high profile news site, and now can publish as fast as we can write. Our dream is becoming a reality. It would not have happened without doing all of the training modules, a couple of times! Thank-You Contena!

David J.
Ontario, Canada

So excited! After studying and writing with Contena and with the help and guidance of my coach, I have succeeded in finding my first paid trial.

Sandra M.
Gold Coast, Australia

Super happy to be working with Contena. As a part-time teacher, I needed some more work to fill in the gaps. I'd always loved writing, but had no idea how to make it work as a career.

After toiling on Upwork for a bit, I read an article about Contena, and decided to give it a try. The Academy and Coach have given me the tools and the knowledge to make things work as a freelance writer. It's been awesome and exciting to be a part of it!

Mikeie R.
Nashville, Tennessee